Recruitment and selection of human resources

Do with your good employees, what you are doing with your customers…
Find them, and generate loyalty.

In My Consulting, the search and payroll selection, it is orientated to attract "potentially qualified candidates" to occupy charges inside an organization, using different "sources of recruitment" in order to identify and to select, to the best candidates.


Being an integral process and scientific, it becomes essential, to know the starting point, where the company shares with our professionals, the ad hoc requirements to meet, for the post object of the search:

We listen to our customers, seeking to define in a combined form, the best framework to optimize the responsibilities and functions to be carried out by the new resource. On the basis of what has been agreed, we developed an "action plan" with the guidelines to follow in the process of job search.

We make use of the techniques and tests more updated in the market, attentive to the profile to analyze:

In order to ensure an effective performance in the service provided, it is of vital importance in the culmination of the process, the Control / Follow-up to the adaptation of the candidate for the post to cover.