Computer Consultancy

There are two types of technologies: that drives the progress of the company, and the one that generates delay. Do you have the appropriate technology?

Developed by Business People specialized in "systems", which uses and truly understands the new technologies, My Consulting offers your company the solution, through which will make the qualitative leap in its organizational development. We can help you to dramatically improve the way in which you perform the "Business Processes" through a better use of technology, communication and training.

What software is best for you?

If your company already has the software, or if you are planning to upgrade or purchase a different package, we can carry out a full review of the systems and then advise them on the way forward. The complexity of the existing computer systems, results in the need for skilled specialists to make decisions about the purchase or renewal of systems, equipment and networks.

Computing Solutions tailored to the customer

Our multidisciplinary staff will assess and provide counselling to your company, in keeping with the required solution. Arthropod circuits and processes in effect, "supported" in the computing fabric that the organization may have, to make a proper diagnosis, with the aim of optimising the information technology.

My Consulting, is a specialist in Designing applications in computing environment "Office", for Small and Medium-sized enterprises, guaranteeing a great optimization of operating costs, in virtue of providing a solution that is difficult to find in the computer market.