About Us

My Consulting is born by the initiative of forming an outstanding group of professionals with vast experience in Management Consulting, taking as a starting point, the "Diagnostic and Organizational Change," sine qua non, for best performance of a company.

We work with top executives, to help them make the best decisions, convert those decisions into actions, which will generate the desired sustainable success.

For more than 15 years, product service, become a part, and interact in all kinds of businesses, we are united by a passion to achieve the best results for our customers, looking for the adaptation of exclusively, pragmatic, comprehensive and durable.

We advise to the leaders, in their most critical problems: Strategy, Structure, Operations, Finance, Communications & Marketing, Technology, and Business & Personal Coaching, of all the productive sectors and services, and various geographical areas.


Values: We are dealing with the business of our customers, such as "our business". We think and behave as business partners, not as academic advisors. We share the aspirations of our customers, we are working in order to understand its reality, and we align our goals with their incentives.

Methodology: Designing a work plan agreed with the company, in order to fulfill the objectives proposed.

Training: Coordinated with Human Resources, in order to raise the performance of the company payroll, either through new knowledge that can strengthen the resource and the area, or refine existing ones.

Concept of Equipment: Being key to achieving this, generate in all:

What we do: Offering real results, focusing on strategic decision-making and practical actions, tailored to our customers, looking for commitment from all levels of the organization.